Initiation And Greatness

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What is missing in this world more than anything else? Initiation. We’re simply cast into the world without purpose. We lack roots. We lack what almost every generation before ours could take for granted.

Among Indo-Europeans, the Wolf Cult was a bridge between childhood and becoming a man. Initiates symbolically “became” their tribe’s heroic dead, the line that stretched back to the beginning.

In Sparta, there was the famous agōgē (ἀγωγή) when young men were put into a grueling training program so they could defend their city-state.

In medieval Christendom, there were knightly orders that gave aspirants a sacred mission. Before they took their vows, they spent an all-night vigil meditating on their future life, enduring a black night of the soul before they began their career as warriors.

Many of these initiations were for teenagers or young men. However, we’re finding that others – including military veterans, fathers, and successful business owners – also feel like they are missing something. Whatever our age, our experiences seem devoid of any larger importance.

Men need a sacred mission to feel fulfilled. We need challenges. We need camaraderie. We need a goal. We need a path of ascent.

That’s what Werewolf Elite was designed to be. We’re reopening enrollment very soon. This weekend, we’ll be hosting Conclave with the first group that went through the program. You’ll be able to see what they have to say by following us here on the War Journal and on Telegram.

We are those who feel the modern world doesn’t offer us a clear purpose. We want a different kind of world, one we can build from the ground up. We want challenge, competition, and comrades. We want an Initiation into a tradition that goes back to the very beginning, entry into something that has always existed and will always exist.

For that reason, we’ve built a program that we aren’t just imposing on others, but are participating in ourselves. There is a financial cost, but it is the bare minimum that allows us to keep this program going and put on four events a year. Most importantly, we expect (and really demand) that those who pass through this program will emerge physically stronger, mentally disciplined, spiritually fortified, and financially wealthy.

Werewolf Elite includes:

  • Access to an exclusive forum with daily content and missions every weekday
  • The foundational text “It’s Not Enough” which outlines the requirements for the First Degree
  • Symbols of membership including patches, pins, and the insignia you receive if you complete the First Degree
  • A Master Log to track progress
  • Other exclusive content and gear only available to those enrolled in Werewolf Elite

Tier I enrollment also means you can attend four yearly events at Ulfheim to test for your degree.

We’re a growing group that has made the decision to turn our back on “mainstream” culture and pursue strength.

This is the new form that an Order must take during an age of decline. It can’t be passed down from on high from some existing institution. Those institutions have failed us. Instead, we’re going back to the absolute roots – blood, fire, ash, and ritual.

Perhaps you too feel this alienation, this sense that everything great in the world has already happened. Perhaps you too feel that you were born too late, or maybe too early. Perhaps you too are looking to become a part of a great Myth that will inspire people for generations.

That is what we’re offering. We’re doing the best we can to build something great. We’re doing this because we feel it Needs to exist, and we are sacrificing everything we can to make sure it does. We’re ordinary people who feel an extraordinary calling, and we’re building something greater than any of us.

If you too feel the Need to see something like this exist in the world, join us. A new Order is forming amidst the fires. If you too feel the call to Initiation, to Mission, to Purpose, then step forward.

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