The Wolf-Rune

The wolf-rune, wolf-hook, Wolfsangel, Wolfsanker, Wolfsjagd. The symbol has a long and storied history, reaching back more than a thousand years, and if one considers its obvious connection with the :EIHWAZ: rune, its age can be determined as at least 2,000 years old. Eihwaz is a rune whose name refers to Yggdrasil, the world-tree, its […]

Dragon’s Tooth Field Report/Meditations

This past weekend, I got together with some comrades and we hiked into the Appalachians. Our destination was Dragon’s Tooth, the aptly named stone monolith at the top of Cove Mountain, a short but rugged hike of about two and a half miles, in order to set up camp there at the windy summit and […]

Fuck the Vote

No ruler has ever had your best interest in mind. From the Roman Emperors to modern day Presidents, the ruling party or individuals in charge of your country have been interested in one thing only: power, and the retention of it. This has nothing to do with you, unless you make up one of the […]

Why Train?

Artwork by Tatiana Marotta Why do you train? You train because you are better than them. You are stronger than that pathetic compulsion to poison your body with laziness and excuses. You are more evolved than the babbling, shit-talking insect swarm that stands outside the bar, exchanging useless words and validation for one another’s disgusting […]