Dire Dogs. Through my personal time with the Operation I have done my best to exemplify its tenets, and to be an example of how its declared aims and methods can have a positive effect on an individual’s life. It has taken me from an unhealthy and inconsistent person to someone with both feet firmly […]

It’s Just the Beginning

Written for Operation Werewolf by Matthias Waggener/All photography by Colton D’Agostino With all the crazies in the streets heralding the end of the world, and what seems like everyone on the “news” talking about the end of this or the fall of that, some doomsday scenario or another, I find myself looking forward to the […]

To Witness This Death

WWLWW. Photo by Marla Waggener. Last week, I went overseas to Denmark to attend an incredible event along with Operatives from several different countries- the experience was one I will never forget. As I sang galdr under the bright moon with men and women from Norway, Denmark, Brazil, Germany, Serbia, America, Canada, England, Italy, Poland […]