The Mind of the Kshatriya

Written for Operation Werewolf by Craig Williams. “A rush of air and a swirling of dust near the tent indicated the arrival of malicious spirits that eat corpses. Gyawo heard his own name being called by the spirits, as if a hundred owls were whispering in his ears. ‘Gyawo, Gyawo, you will be next.’ Gyawo’s […]

February Challenge

In January, (article can be found HERE) our focus was on clearing out the physical space, tightening down a physical goal and a plan to attain it, and actively working on one of our negative traits. This month we will be continuing the process where we left off. First, a few notes regarding the “carryover” of […]

How I Learned to Read

Written for Operation Werewolf by Joshua Buckley “I learned to read durin’ my stretch. First, Spot Goes to the Farm, then Runaway Bunny, then law books, mostly.”—Max Cady, Cape Fear I thought about calling this essay “Why I Read Such Good Books,” in homage to Nietzsche’s “Why I Write Such Good Books.” Reading good books […]


Written for Operation Werewolf by Joshua Buckley The French historian Fustel de Coulanges (1830–1889) is best known for his thesis that it was the religion of ancient Greece and Rome that led to the expansion and success—both culturally and militarily—of Classical civilization. This has little to do with the mythology of Mount Olympus, of Zeus […]

Wolves of the Kali Yuga

Humans of our age are infected with a passive cynical worldview that signals a great decline in the fire of the spirit. They are caught up in the endless loops of negativity and fear that spiral outward from the minarets of the Empire’s media centers, the constant message of EVERYTHING IS WORSE THAN EVER. The […]

The Root of All Evil

Written for Operation Werewolf by Joshua Buckley For Marxists, economic relations are believed to shape and maintain virtually every other aspect of human life. Capitalists, on the other hand, have a different view of what economic relations should look like, but share the Marxist conviction that the economy represents the highest ordering principle in society. […]