Barbaric Rites

The more perceptive of Operatives may have noticed a subtle shift in content of late from the various platforms that Werewolf Command broadcasts our pirate signal from. The physicality which has always been at the roots of Operation Werewolf has been brought into a sharper focus over the past several weeks. This is not because […]

Five Ways to Move Mountains

What follows are techniques for moving mountains and embracing the righteous: NO NEGATIVITY

 One of the biggest problems facing people when they step into the gym or get out of bed is themselves. A negative mindset is an abomination to life, to the the task at hand, and those looking to get the most out […]

Paper Wolves

Over the last few years I’ve given my life to both my own “tribal” organization, the Wolves, and the ongoing concept called Operation Werewolf. The latter could never have existed without the foundation of the former, and it was off the back of the successful proving ground of the Wolves that Operation Werewolf was formed- […]