Defeating Depression By Living With Purpose

Most depression stems from the perception of what I call a “grey horizon.” This is the feeling that a purpose or deeper meaning is lacking- it creates an enervating force in our lives that drains our vitality and replaces it with a hollow “who cares?” This is a widespread and increasingly common issue among people young and […]

Never Give Up

You are squaring off against a larger opponent in a fight you cannot escape. You feel the fear twist your guts as he bears down on you, his huge form a mass of unrestrained violence, hellbent on destroying you. The first blow shatters your nose like a jackhammer striking cheap concrete, and your vision explodes in a thousand lights- pain […]

Yes, This is Happening

Article written by Craig Williams “As anyone can probably tell you who has engaged in a brawl while sober, there is a distinct feeling that happens before the first punches are thrown. It is somewhere between fear, anticipation, excitement, joy and panic; a potent mixture of all of these, as the adrenaline kicks in and the body prepares itself to flee or […]

This Machine Destroys Illusion

Operation Werewolf was conceived many years ago, named in one of my journals long lost to time, and used over the last several years as the label for my collected writings on strength, overcoming, tribalism, and so on. It has grown and evolved into something more than it was when I started it, but its aims have always been the same. I […]

Weakness on Display

There are a few times in a man’s life where it is okay to show your vulnerability- to set the armor down and trust someone enough not to wound you. At my grandfather’s funeral, I saw my uncle overcome with his sadness, and cry. At my brother’s wake, I was overcome by my own, and I cried for him, and […]

Keep the Fire Burning

This life is trial and ordeal: You will be tested. This world will try everything in its power to extinguish your flames and leave your ashes cold. Opposition will rise up against you, and the struggles that you experience may sometimes threaten to overwhelm- the storms so violent and sudden that they will seem without end. The […]