April Challenge

As we enter into April, those who are walking this path are already entering into the second quarter of their year, adding discipline to discipline and creating a foundation of solidity from which their own work and myth will spring in time. This time of year is also symbolic of new endeavors, new vistas to […]

Front Toward Enemy

Front Toward Enemy This week I had the pleasure of hosting Brian Jones, a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt under Carlson Gracie, Jr., and owner and head instructor of Valhalla Academy in Kentucky. It is always pleasure getting to pick the brains of guys who have been at their craft for as long as Brian […]

March Challenge

March Challenge We will begin this month by expanding on our mediation practice. Continuing our discipline of setting aside time, we will increase from 5-10 minutes per day to 10-15 minutes. During this time, we will take a few minutes to simply relax and monitor our breathing and so on, but this month, after we […]