Your Relationship With Violence

Wolves in Cascadia. Photo by Peter Beste You’re walking home from the bar after being out with some friends til the small hours of the morning. Feeling some of the effects, you’ve made a good call by opting out of driving, and are conversing with your significant other, enjoying the evening air. Although the streets […]

Simple Rules for a Savage Existence Pt. II – Identifying Negative Relationships

Photo by Leonardo Albiero, Dire Dogs Division, Italy. A lot of the people in your life that you call your friends may actually be huge pieces of shit who are only interested in whining, soaking up your energy, wasting your time, and keeping you at their level. You might call them your friends because you […]

Only Death is Guaranteed

Only Death is guaranteed. Because of this, there is no need to live life carefully. I always hear people say things like “In another life, I’d have loved to do x or y.” They sigh and utter, “Maybe in a few years.” “If I have enough time.” Here’s the thing, friend- You won’t. There is […]

Simple Rules For a Savage Existence

Testosterone is a hormone secreted from the testicles of males, and to a lesser extent, a female’s ovaries. It is responsible for a man’s muscle and bone mass, regulates his physical and mental energy, his libido, sense of well being, and so on. In other words, high testosterone good, low testosterone bad. There are many […]

Discipline and the Divine Madness

Photo by Peter Beste. I’ve heard it said that in this life, anything you choose to do requires you to sacrifice something else. We are in a constant process of weighing and trading, with the scales holding on one side time, and on the other, desire. This is a difficult realization for many, and harder […]