Ships on Fire

(photo by Peter Beste)

The Wolves funeral rite for Baldr is about beginnings and endings.

It’s about the circular nature of time, and the placing of oneself into a mythological timeframe by enacting the age-old rituals of the dying sun/son.

It’s also about time invested.

Who made the time? Who took the time? Who said, “next time?”

Although everything in the myths is cyclical, circular, and returning, there are things that come to an end, at least, for a while.

For us, this was the last Baldr’s Funeral that will be “open” to outsiders.

Those who witnessed our funeral rites this year held the special honor of being men and women at the end of an era for the Wolves, as we move into our next becoming, which will be one of inward focus, rather than outward.

It has been our honor to assist in something greater than ourselves.

For the last 15 years, we have focused on bringing back the mystery cult of the wolf- and creating new mythologies surrounding it, making it vital, powerful, and strong in this world once again.

All those now around the globe who call themselves “wolf cults” have heard that calling, and have answered it, and many who were called have stood at our fires to see the way we pour hot blood into those old channels.

They have taken our ritual fires back to theirs, and used our voice to help them find their own, and have remained allies, welcome at our land and in our homes, while others have “gone their own way,” and pretend to be self-made creations.

Now, it is time for the Wolves to close what was once open, and to generate internal growth and power once again, turning the open :JERA: rune of plenty and harvest back into the sealed container of :ING: where force and expansion is gestated in the seed. 

This is not a withdrawal from the world, or a flight to some hidden haven, but the beginning of a long and personal ritual of power for us.

To those who have have shared these moments: spilled blood with us, stood awe-struck and in ecstasy around ships on fire…sacred blood of the covenant burning within them, eyes glittering in the dark and cast toward an endless future of conviction and legend- thank you, from the bottom of our blazing hearts.

Keep that fire burning- forever.

We are just getting started.