Artha, Pt. I.

By Paul Waggener I took my first job at 15, working on a roofing crew in Northern California, one of the only guys at the time on my job-site without a criminal record. I remember 105 degree days on wood shingles, getting burnt by the sun and bit by fire ants. I also remember the […]

The Odinic Path.

by Paul Waggener Odin has become a shattered archetype. 

Adopted by weaklings and underachievers as a loving father figure, or as an oversimplified deity of magic or poetry. Desacralized through profane use in popular heavy metal or TV shows, the word has become synonymous with bad t-shirts and “Valhalla” memes that run rampant through the […]

Standard Bearers.

by Paul Waggener Originally published in Inner Circle Issue #4 Operation Werewolf marches under the sign of the black banner which bears emblazoned on it a wolf skull and crossed bones, surrounded by a serpent, ouroboros, the entirety of which we call the “Totenwolf,” or “death-wolf.” Many have chosen to cast this symbol aside for […]