That Which is Falling…

“Oh my brothers, am I then cruel? But I say: That which is falling should also be pushed! Everything of today, it is falling, it is decaying- who would support it? But I- want to push it too!” I rarely take the time to explain my motives, or my personal inner beliefs. However, in light […]

Hail the Victorious Dead

This week, a brother of mine died. I had known him since he was just 15, and in the time between, we were friends, brothers, bandmates and partners in crime. My tribe, his tribe, had our wake for him, in true Wolves fashion, which lasted throughout the entirety of two days and nights. The event […]

You Are Not Equal

I don’t know who told you you were special, but you’re not. You exist on a planet filled with swarm upon swarm of human life- breathing, breeding, writhing, warring, building, spreading, rotting. You are a faceless drone in a sea of of faceless drones, so much like the others that your lifestyle will become nearly […]