Pathways of Fire

The title of this article refers to a technique of esoteric practice I developed and began using some years ago as part of my meditative work. With it, I would bring a sigil or “galdrastafir” up in my mind’s eye, drawing the lines in massive scale on a field of dirt. When I had completed […]

A Myth, Not A Movement

As we continue our forward march, and the word of our conquest spreads, it becomes necessary to re-iterate and refine certain points that must not be overlooked. Statements such as these will cause confusion and anger amongst many who thought they understood what we are, but in fact, were merely attempting to co-opt its symbols […]

The Master Log

One of my own Master Logs. Master Log: Using Notes, Lists and Brainstorming to Bring Ideas to Reality This week I had someone write me a message who follows me on social media. He was both interested and I think more than a little confused in not only how I made my living, but how […]


All images in this article courtesy of the infamous Peter Beste. These days, the word “outlaw” gets thrown around a lot. It has been used to market everything from car tires to Crossfit, and is in danger of losing all meaning as it is co-opted by those who want to appeal to the normal person’s […]