Porn and Football

Back by popular demand, this essay can be found in “The Complete Transmissions Volume 1” by Paul Waggener, available on this site. Millions of people right now are glued to a screen watching their fantasies play out in front of them; toned, muscled bodies on camera performing just for them – sweating and grunting with […]

This Is Only Temporary

All photos by Andrea Pagan This weekend I had the honor of attending an Operation Werewolf event hosted by Leonardo of the “Dire Dogs” in the Venetian countryside. This was my second time as a guest in Europe, and just as before, every single mile and moment spent was one I wouldn’t trade for anything […]


Written for Operation Werewolf by Terence Mitchell Every single day, throughout the day, we are faced with options; these are either soft options or hard options; and it’s our choice in the matter that determines our trajectory. It’s our choice wether we continue along our evolutionary paths toward a greater knowledge of self and exploration […]