A Myth, Not A Movement

As we continue our forward march, and the word of our conquest spreads, it becomes necessary to re-iterate and refine certain points that must not be overlooked. Statements such as these will cause confusion and anger amongst many who thought they understood what we are, but in fact, were merely attempting to co-opt its symbols and surface message for their own misguided aims.

Others, who continuously mis-characterize or misunderstand our goals as something “political,” “racial,” or otherwise, can also perhaps gain some insight here, but our message is not for them.

It is, as always, for the strong. Those few who adhere to our eternal precepts of brotherhood, honor, loyalty and truth. We salute you.

Operation Werewolf is not a movement.

We are not a movement because the very idea of a movement is a historical force, a temporal idea that attempts to enact change within a series of existing events.

We are a storm, a cataclysm, certainly, but not a movement. We are an end- and a new beginning. Not a historical occurrence, but a mythical one. Our ideas and aims are outside of the notion of linear time, always Needful, always True.

We are necessary, especially in the present age, because we are a reminder of the heroic impulse, the human need to make legends- to become more than men, and transform ourselves into archetypes.

Berserkers, Outlaw Kings, Savages, Warrior-poets and Untamed Men of Action- unite! Stop mediating all of your actions through the sterile environs of the internet and telephone. Travel the open road, test your mettle, seek out challenge and brotherhood.

What is it you are training for, if not adventure? What is it that your spirit cries out for, if not comraderie with the strong and like-minded? What is your Will, but to live a life of wildness and freedom and epic deed that survives for a thousand years after you are dust

We look to myth, not history, to inform our brotherhood. We do not seek to repeat the mistakes of the past. This is why Operation Werewolf is not, as our detractors think us to be, National Socialist, Fascist, Communist, or any other -ist or -ism.

We know politics and historical methods are not going to change this world, they simply perpetuate its numbing effect and maintain things The Way They Are.

Our goal is not utopia, takeover, revolution, except that which occurs within. A takeover of our own lives. A utopia that ignores the imaginary lines and borders that the scheming princes of this filthy world have dreamed up, and exists anywhere the Werewolf standard is raised by proud and true men and women. A revolution whose goal is ABSOLUTE FREEDOM. A revolution whose goal is to CREATE LEGENDS.

To taste of this world’s myriad joys and pains to push ourselves beyond vistas that we previously thought possible, so that the brief flicker of our lives becomes a roaring fire of mythical proportions, so that when our name is spoken by future generations it is no longer a mere word, but a concept- a symbol.

Operation Werewolf is not a movement. It is a legend in the making. In order for that legend to be remembered, it calls out to men and women who exist to embody strength and ferocity, adventure and action.

Those who exist outside the small and simple construct that the modern world seeks to offer us, with its notions of “equality,” of tiny lives that serve “the greater good,” of political correctness, anti-tribalism, and every other idea that serves to grind out our individuality and our primal desire to be utterly glorious.

Fuck their world. Our fire will consume its grey drabness, and our standards will fly wherever men and women live by the undying code of the Werewolf Legions:
“Pure Hearts. Strong Limbs. Actions Matching Words.”

May our words, then, be mighty and speak of lofty goals, which we are then bound by honor to achieve- by Iron and Blood