Ride the Tiger


The term has been used often, and one might see its modern counterpart often used as well in some circles: “Surf the Kali Yuga,” often used humorously or ironically by individuals who want to make people aware they’re “in the know.”

The term was used by Evola, who was referencing an Eastern myth regarding the nature of a difficult or dangerous undertaking that once begun, could not easily be abandoned until seen through to its end.

However, often, those individuals who imagine themselves as the spiritual offspring of Evolian thought then further translate this as a kind of existential shrug of the shoulders – “well, if we can’t change it, fuck it, enjoy the ride.”

Evola himself said of our era:

“This is not a matter of compromises or adaptations.

The power of a new Middle Ages is needed.

A change, interior as well as exterior, of barbaric purity is required.

Philosophy, “culture”, everyday politics: no more of all that.

It is not a matter of shifting to the other side of this bed of agony.

It is a matter of finally waking up, and standing on one’s feet.”

Let us have no more of everyday politics or compromises, then. Let us embrace the New Dark Ages we are currently thrown into, but rather than see ourselves as powerless to create change –

Let our barbaric purity awaken in us a powerful drive to see this Empire in its death throes, and ourselves, our very way of lives, as a spear in its heart.

Don’t forget, the Tiger was also once a tank.

Our weaponry is meaning, Truth, and an unshakeable commitment to a correct way of life, a Right Action that shines brighter than the sun.

In the face of that, even the thousand lights of illusion seem dim.

Victoria in vita nostra!