The Red God


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Written for Operation Werewolf by Paul Waggener

I’ve written before about the Odinic path.

It is arcane, esoteric, tortuous, and often deceptive.

This is why Odin was never seen as a god of the people, and the title “Allfather” that is used by liberals to refer to him as some kind of multicultural “Father Abraham” is just another disgusting infection of a once powerful mythology.

Odin was a name that inspired more fear and mistrust than love- he was a father of conflict and dying, a chieftain of unknown principles and untrustworthy dealings.

The people loved Thor.

He was loved because he is not subtle- he does not represent the hidden or unseen things in this life, or in nature.

A champion of the tribal enclosure, the border between what is “us” and what is “them,” Thor is a representative of military might and the fighting man.

A wrestler and a warlord- the very weapon in his hands is a holy symbol to him and to his people, and with that agent of protection and destruction, the people hallowed their sacred places.

Where Odin is the intoxication in sex and death, the ecstasy found in the act of creation or killing- Thor is the feeling of being drunk on strength itself.

He is the red blood surging in the veins, and the heart thundering as it pumps through the flesh during moments of physical conquest.

He is direct and known by all who are engaged in Militant Strength Culture because Red Thor is militant strength.

He is power exerted externally, a crusher of enemies, and a keeper of boundaries.

The awful might of the crashing thunder and the sheer devastation of the lightning bolt, and the sensation of one’s power overcoming obstacle and obstruction in feats of strength or of combat. 


Nowadays, like most things, both Red Thor and his symbols are something of a joke, in much the same way as Christians have seen Jesus and the cross become a joke.

Something without meaning, worn as a trinket or adornment with no real commitment.

This is because they have been made into a joke, both by those who disrespect our roots and culture, as well as those who claim some kind of ownership over them by blood or religion instead of by action.

Because, just like Odin, we cannot worship Thor with prayers and adornment- we can only join his gang.

We can only worship through emulation.

A weak person or an obese one wearing a Thor’s hammer are commiting an act of flagrant disrespect and dishonor- unless actively transforming themselves into an appropriate representative of the god and lifestyle that hammer is a sign of.

To worship Thor is to engage in the Cult of Strength, and the Cult of the Fighter.

In our day and age, this might look like military or mercenary training- strongman, powerlifting, MMA, wrestling, jiu jitsu and so on.

To even wear the hammer is a commitment to a life of rigorous training and readiness to engage in conflict against those who threaten your family, your tribe, your way of life.

The Thor’s Hammer originally began to be worn as a sign of defiance against external religion and foreign invasion from those looking to subjugate and convert the North.

It was a middle finger and a clenched fist to the desert religion that sought to supplant it in its own home. 

In our time, the Thor’s Hammer should be seen as a symbol of rejection of a culture that glorifies weakness and victimhood, exalts mental illness and infirmity, and has inverted the concept of “heroism” to a parody.

It should be worn as a contract, a symbol of entry into the Gang of Thor, the Cult of Strength, the Way of the Gun, the Path of the Grappler or Fighter. 

Our traditions and cultural expression is only dead if we let it die by becoming invalid or desacralized, no longer relevant or vital.

But they are relevant, and they are vital, now perhaps more than ever.

It is time to reclaim these symbols and invest in them new meaning and belief, by those who are strong of heart and ready to engage fully in a life of conviction and truth and power.

Our god is the red blood in our veins, and the thunder in our hearts.

We give homage and worship to Red Thor in the holy places of strength and war.

Red blood. Red thunder. Red god.