Of Wolf Heads and Black Banners


Recently, social media has decided that the white wolf head on a sea of black, the emblem worn on my tribe, the Wolves, back patch, is officially a “hate symbol.”

This week, images in which it appears have begun to be purged from their various platforms.


I’m sure it won’t be long before they follow suit with the Totenwolf, a symbol which at this point is recognizable around the world by those in the know as the banner under which this Operation marches.


Often times in situations like these, people seem to react with a sort of victimized indignance, a kind of “how dare they?!” or “we did nothing wrong!” approach, but this is incorrect.


We did do something “wrong.” Everything that we do is “wrong” to this world, this age in which we live.


The training of our bodies and minds, the rejection of the values embraced by the current popular agendas of the day, the clanning together in small intentional communities in order to foster pressure and support one another’s endeavors- all of these things exist on the fringe, somewhere out on the perimeter of accepted behavior by today’s power structure and social narratives.


Anyone living by the tenets of Operation Werewolf, truly embracing the simple philosophy put forth in the Manifesto and elsewhere, is someone who is “not of this world,” or a voluntary outlaw from polite society and the current virtue signaling police state.


This is the very reason our tribe, the Wolves, chose the white wolf’s head on a black banner to represent our stance, and why Operatives world wide wear the wolf skull, surrounded by Jormungandr, the world serpent.


The two are connected- and though the Wolves came first, Operation Werewolf has fed and bolstered it, and has also been instrumental in the creation of other “wolf cults” around the world, and the spark that the Wolves rekindled has since become a series of beacons, brightly burning around the world. 


We choose to be in the “woods,” both literally and figuratively, taking our “forest passage” away from the grey banality of modern monoculture and its suffocating walls.


I’ve said it before, and it bears repeating- being an outlaw in this day and age has nothing to do with wearing black clothes and getting lots of tattoos, or embracing a “hard” image- that is a simple aesthetic choice.


It is about a wholehearted rejection of what this world has to offer- their comfortable goals and vain virtues, their pre-packaged dinners and dreams, their call to “Fill the Void With Luxury.” 


We have seen what the crumbling cities of men have to offer, heard the hiss of politician and celebrity “tastemaker,” prophets of the New Babylon disguised as harmless comedians or talking heads- and we have seen it for what it is.


A handful of dust.


We have cast our eyes back on this world as we walk from it, seeing the glittering lights and the warm hearth fires, illusion and comfort beckoning us back from a cold and often lonesome path, but we remain resolute in our direction- steadfast in our choices to widen the gap between wolf and man. 


We spit on our hands and raise the black flag in the wilderness, and build fires of our own.


We assemble, and gather, and out in the forest, a whisper is slowly rising to a roaring.


Raise the banner. Stoke the flame. Be a wolf.


Wargus Esto!

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