Five Ways to Move Mountains

What follows are techniques for moving mountains and embracing the righteous:


One of the biggest problems facing people when they step into the gym or get out of bed is themselves.

A negative mindset is an abomination to life, to the the task at hand, and those looking to get the most out of training, and existence in general, will combat and correct this issue.

First, no one is forcing you to be here. You’re here because you want to forge strength and power, and get drunk on your own blood as it pumps through the muscle in your body, smashing weights, and undergoing the ecstatic rituals of lifting and overcoming resistance. 

You’re here to live a life to the hilt, sinking your teeth deep into the meat, and tearing it, bloody, from the bone. To lead by example, to make legends, to breathe deeply and seek a heroic life and a monolithic end- a savage existence!

You are not here to bitch and complain and whine like a cunt.

You are not here to get defeated by fucking exercise, or traffic, or your bullshit excuses. You are not here to act like a victim and make stupid faces when things get hard, or to talk about the garbage that’s dragging you down in life today, or your injuries, or your boss.

Put your war-face on and charge in like a painted-up berserker ready to fight, fuck and drink blood, or go home and die on the couch, and good riddance.

This life isn’t for you.

So forget all that other stuff.
Put the damn phone down.
Empty your mind of everything but the task at hand.

Fill the void with fire, and ignite yourself. Train and live with purpose, focus, and aggression in order to immolate those negative thoughts and conquer what you came here to conquer.


Remember why you’re here, and keep the big picture in mind. 

Don’t get wishy-washy and distracted with your training or endeavors overall, constantly setting new goals, switching up programs, jumping from one diet to another, being one person, then someone else.

Get your goal. Picture it in your mind.

Meditate on it before training, before rising and treat the ideal as an idol- worship it by devoting yourself to it, and not letting the attention waver. 

Exist and train in accordance with that vision, and manifest it- trace your way back from that perfect moment of potential, and see the stairway you’ve carved to it with your mind.

Tread one stair at a time, consistently, with heart.


You can’t let the little things in life distract you like the flashing lights of illusion.

Everything is a little thing except the one big thing- the main mission. The holy writ. Your scripture of ascendancy.

Once you know with a certainty where it is you want to go, one foot must remain in front of the other on the way to that hidden city from now until forever, and nothing can pull you from the road.

If your girlfriend leaves you- forget her. Get a new one, or live alone.

If you get injured- grit your teeth and rehab it, or get it fixed, and get back to work.

If your family or friends try to hold you back- walk out on them and find better ones. Choose a new family.

Whatever it is that arises in your way, it is a devil to be slain on the way to yourself.

Strike fast, strike hard, and press on.


When lifting heavy weights, or facing dangerous opponents, uncertainty is dangerous. It makes us doubt our strength, and sends weakness directly into the muscle like an intravenous shot of frailty, guaranteeing failure, defeat, and more of the same.

There is no doubt. There is no uncertainty.

There is only blood in the eyes and steel in the heart as we move toward our destiny- with the weights or on the larger canvas of our connected actions, our karma, our wyrd, we are who we make ourselves.

There can be no room in our minds for quivering or qualms.

If we fail, we are crushed, thus, we will not fail.

We will adhere to our well considered plans, and when plans go awry, we will adapt and overcome through strategy.

The great men of the past dealt with uncertainty as a traitor, to be rooted out and executed on its knees as both a judgement and an example.

We must ferret it out of ourselves, seeking it like a cancer and putting it under the knife.

Our way is the truth, and the light, and the smokeless fire, and the north star that never breaks faith. 

We drink the blood of heroes from the cup of eternal life, and become like them-indestructible, imperishable, forever.


Let those who would, pit themselves against you.

Let their words and life be reactionary where yours is filled only with action, and inspiration and ecstasy.

Become a doorway, through which others connect to a world of myth and poetic ritual.
Live as the shaman, the medicine man, the savage priest, enflaming the people with example,
or like the sadhu, who is a window to the throne room of his god.

As these others exist like snakes in the darkness, striking out blindly with venom and ignorance, train yourself as the enlightened barbarian- chisel a monument to strength, and inviolability and immortality. 

Create things that other men cannot, and show them how.

Connect with nature and spend time in it, breathing in the clean winds of the mountain and meadow, and discover the forest passage within yourself.

Despise the banal, and avoid speaking of others in the shadows, but live directly and openly.

Shine like the sun.

Live as a member of a caste long gone, and as yet not returned, the Kshatriyas of the Coming Age- illumine the mind, go against the basic pleasures of the day and seek mastery and elevated consciousness. 

Worship the flesh and the spirit as one, and build them both into bright temples, perfumed with the incense of what is righteous, and everlasting.


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