Immanentize the Eschaton.




The last days, the end times, the Kali Yuga. 

Great upheavals, wars, rumors of wars, brothers killing brothers and the world sinking into ignorance, depravity, filth, and darkness.

The merchants of fear and the prophets (and profits) of doom are doing well. Their message is one of despair, and terror. Their tactics are simple, because they know that human nature is to spread bad news. They plant a virus of an idea, and watch the commoners spread it like plague rats.

Every time you share the “news,” or you heave a sigh and shake your head, or cough out the sickness of “everything is worse than ever,” or the bloody oral dysentery of “it’s hopeless,” you embrace life as one of these rats. You perform your service to the Empire well, and are to be commended on your obedience to The Narrative.

Their message relies on the idea that the world is somehow getting worse. That it started somewhere sane, and reasonable, and perfect, and has degenerated from there.

This may be a hard one to swallow, but man has never existed in some kind of honey-sweet golden era of peace, prosperity, enlightenment, and virtue.

That idea is a fairy tale.

Homo homini lupus. Man is a wolf to man- and it has always been this way.

Slavery, war, brutality, greed, treachery and betrayal are the calling cards of humanity, everywhere, across all time. We do not do ourselves a service by pretending it is not this way.

But this does not mean our next step is to abandon hope, or to give up and become a plague rat.

Our hope is not an impotent desire for a better world, or a mendicant’s begging for a messianic savior- it is a chosen state of mind, enforced by will and informed by truth.

A state of mind that although there has never been a golden age for all mankind, we are not incapable of bringing about one for ourselves.

Our truth is that the future is in our hands, and the only prayers that matter are the ones that lead our bodies to action, and our minds to fiery movement.

We can rebuild the landscape around us, both physical and ideological, by making powerful, virile choices- backed up by consistent, passionate effort.

We embrace the “end times,” and our place in them, and that place is to build a bastion of strength and loyalty to our chosen brothers and sisters in this hell on earth.

What we are building must exist.

It must exist because the alternative is to give in to despair, to inertia, to stagnation and fear and hopelessness- and this is simply not an option. 

Defeat is not an option, and so narratives of defeat, words of despair, weavers of heartlessness are not welcome.

We will immanentize the eschaton.

We will embrace our place in the strange and awful tapestry of space and time, and bring about a kind of golden era that will exist within us and grow, like shining filaments connecting us one to another, across the face of this spinning earth.

It will grow and brighten each time we make the choice for strength over weakness. 

Each time we choose loyalty over betrayal. 

Truth over falsehood.

Unshakeable faith in the beauty and righteousness of our mission over the deep, rotting fear and imprisoning solutions offered to us by the leprous hands of this world’s “principalities and powers.”

This is the end of the world as we know it, and it is happening every moment, every second, every hour.

These are the last days, because they are the last ones we will ever know. 

Our time is now. 

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