Total Life Reform.

Operation Werewolf was conceived as an alchemical process designed to rebuild a complete human being.

This process is one of Total Life Reform- meaning a complete re-thinking and tearing down of the conditioned state of being, in order to rebuild the self as an archetype. 

In our present time, it is much more popular for people to treat things “cafeteria style,” taking this little choice piece or that one- disregarding the things they don’t particularly care for, or that seem a little too difficult or “extreme.”

Most settle on a mishmash of philosophies that “work for them,” or that make them feel good about themselves for a while, until they are discarded for the next big thing. 

12 Rules For Life. The 4 Hour Body. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. 

Neatly numbered packages, put together in this way because marketing research has shown that “numbered list” articles and self-help books sell more copies. 

For those interested, the numbered list approach uses the way your own brain is wired to get you to click on those articles and buy those books- studies show that simply using numbers in article headlines make them perform as much as 71% better than those without.

This is one simple example of the way the human being is a product of his conditioning. 

In reality, the answers are not so simple. Life doesn’t break down into neat lists and “just make your bed” styled platitudes.

Humanity is so firmly entrenched in the programming of the modern world that most people are at the mercy of fear, depression, anxiety, weakness, addiction, and, perhaps most importantly, a lack of purpose and true direction.

Their purpose has been packaged and sold to them, and their direction has been whispered in their ear by the forked tongue of marketing and media. 

Incantations sung directly into the deep parts of the mind through television and internet, rooting ideas there with sinister purpose. The triune rites of the industrial megacity-


The original sin of the modern age is debt- from the moment you are old enough to enter into the working world, it has you by the throat, paying bills, selling you things you don’t need, utilizing sales strategies designed to leverage your own mind against you.

A generation of humans raised by the flickering screen, techno-priests on the other end beaming highly effective and well tested programs into the eyes and ears, cracking the brain just like hacking a mainframe, all too human, all too simple.


This world is owned and operated. Those who hold the glittering keys to this kingdom do not have your best interests in mind, and what they want from you is simple: everything you have.

But there is an answer. 

That answer is Total Life Reform.

In this alchemical process, we must first undergo Nigredo. Death, and the Black Work. 

A furnace that burns away everything that we were, and shows us that what we are is what we choose to make of ourselves- we become aware of our conditioned state, and we awaken to the knowledge that to create, we must first destroy.

As we awaken, we must realize that this is not a pick and choose operation, but one that must permeate us on every level of our being if it is to be successful in the long term. It requires total dedication on the physical level, on the mental level, and on the spiritual one.

We must begin to become healthy- a word that comes from the Proto-Germanic “hailaz” which means “whole.”

To become whole, it is needful for us to engage our being on all fronts, and to begin with a great purification, a disintegration of habit, of compulsion, fear, and the deeper anguish of our lonesome existence.

This Mahapralaya, or great dissolution, will come about as a product of our ongoing work, and is an active destruction. 

Through a devotion to physical strength and training, we engage with the rebuilding and purification of ourselves on a material level, which is the first stage, and the easiest to see and understand.

As we see our physical forms change, and become lean and strong, muscular and powerful, as the chariot and temple should be, our minds begin to grasp that this process exists in the mental realms as well. 

Through feeding it that which is needful, that which is healthy and whole, and by exercising the mental faculties in the same Spartan and energetic way we treat the body, our minds become sharp, effective, swift, and capable of force and intention. 

We choose what we put in, and what is produced therefrom. We are known by the fruit of our words and deeds.

But the spirit, too, must be engaged.

It must be roused from its deep slumber, ensorcelled to sleep by the dream weavers of Empire- because the awakened and strengthened human spirit is the greatest enemy known to them.

We must feed our spirit through ritual and discipline.

Fire and ash, the forest rites of power, blood on the stones, and words of might and myth spoken and roared to those who awaken with us. 

These primal ceremonies are needful, because they speak to the deep caverns of our being, back through time and space, and reverberate through our blood, raising us up and reminding us that we are creatures of mythological power, capable of harnessing the power of the thunderbolt, and the stars.

We have brought black liquid death up from the deep places of the earth and have made weapons that reduce entire cities to ashes!

We have built wonders and come together at various times and places throughout tens of thousands of years to overthrow and re-make the world in our image. 

The very act of remembering our incredible abilities and the awful wonder of the human mind is one of revolution.

All this and more makes up the process of Total Life Reform that we call Operation Werewolf. 

It is not a neat list. It is not for entertainment value. It is not a merit badge.

It is an ongoing project of the human spirit that calls out to those who would be awakened, and strong, but it asks of them:

What have you made of yourself? What are you making yourself into? Are you willing to engage fully, completely, in the battle against slumber and despair? Are you willing to exist all the way alive?

If your answer is a resounding “Yes!” to life, then you are now under a great responsibility to succeed. To help others succeed.

To see a desolation, and to make it your paradise. 

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