Who We Are

Operation Werewolf is made up of artists and rebels, outlaws, outcasts, free thinkers and fiery creators- big personalities, larger than life characters. Legends in the making. Those not content with scraps handed down to us from the tables of their corrupt masters, ravenous wolves looking to make their own kill, to feed ourselves fully on our own actions.

Wanderers and adventure seekers, looking to get at the marrow of life through experiencing all that this existence has to offer- lovers of travel and dialogue with the Self in the secret places of the world, throwing our shadow on the wall of some hidden cave, or hitting the throttle on a beat up and well used old motorcycle to see what’s over the next rise.

Deaf to the admonitions of those trapped in the grey world of shades, with their endless mantra of “be careful” and “you have to think realistically,” unaffected by the screaming and howling of those hungry dead who claw at the foundations of the structures the strong are building- fear of the unknown written all over their twisted faces.

Consumed by the NEED to make ourselves strong in the threefold way of body, mind and spirit, we hurl ourselves into this work with ferocity and fury, knowing that we are making ourselves ready for an age that is yet to come. It does not matter to us if this day comes while we are alive, or after our deaths, because we know that those who have made legends of themselves never truly die.

Most of all, we seek freedom. We know that in this world freedom comes at a price, and that price must be paid in green paper, or numbers scrolling down a digital readout. We understand that in this time and place, we have to re-imagine what our concept of freedom is-

it is the ability to have enough by your own hand that you do not need to be consumed by the concept of slaving for more from another’s.

In order to achieve this, we create things of value- art, ideas, writings, information, whatever our sharpened minds gravitate toward, and that value brings us value in return by those looking to see more of it. The men and women of Operation Werewolf are seeking this kind of freedom because they are creators- they are not looking to become creators in order to find this freedom.

We can see this backward attempt more than ever today, with everyone on social media posturing as an expert, each of them with some start-up business or another, looking to make their own fortune working for themselves, with one fatal flaw: they are only looking to make money, and avoid work, and they are producing nothing of true value.

The impassioned creator simply creates, and knows that his work has value and will bring him value back, in time. He has a fanatical devotion to the work itself, because he has no choice- it is who he is, and he is a vessel for the fire he channels in his work. Tattoo artists, strength coaches, custom car and motorcycle mechanics, painters, writers, teachers, even CEOs of large business- they can all be found in the ranks of Operation Werewolf. The thread common amongst them is they are their own master, and they became this way by being creators of honest and heartfelt work.

Each must find his own life’s work. The attainment of this knowledge is like a lightning bolt from heaven. From there, one must be a vessel for the work- like a prophet, speaking with the voice of God, for the fire that we speak of is the God of this Werewolf Legion. Pure flame, burning away all of our other distractions, all those things that don’t matter and never will.

Work is still ongoing on “The Werewolf Method.”
This alchemical treatise is a visual and verbal work designed to both stimulate the process of self-overcoming, as well as acting as map and compass for the dedicated seeker. A date cannot yet be set for release, but it is expected to be completed by Spring 2017.