This Machine Destroys Illusion

Operation Werewolf was conceived many years ago, named in one of my journals long lost to time, and used over the last several years as the label for my collected writings on strength, overcoming, tribalism, and so on. It has grown and evolved into something more than it was when I started it, but its aims have always been the same.

I have heard detractors talk about the Operation as nothing more than a “business,” as though it sprang up overnight as some kind of easy money hustle. Others, who have probably never read anything we’ve put out, but seem to need to label it, speak of it as some kind of political movement, based around ideas that are simple enough for them to understand. Still more have claimed it as a platform for their own agendas, looking for a “pre-made” audience for their insipid ideas.

All bullshit. All missing the mark.

It is, and has always been, more than a “business,” much like a band or musical project is more than its merch table. For years I produced written work and more, all free of charge, and asked nothing in return for it. All of our continuous content is still free, and always will be.

The apparel and gear allows people who wish to do so (no one is holding a gun to anyone’s head) to support the Operation, to signal affiliation, and to visibly align themselves toward a greater goal. It also allows me to do what I do full time.

If for whatever reason, tomorrow, all income that is connected to the Operation simply ceased…the Operation would not cease. Articles and videos would continue, just as they did before. Travel would continue, just as before. I would continue, just like always. This is because Operation Werewolf is my mission and life work- making money is not.

I have swung a hammer, run a chainsaw, slung drinks, played a guitar, trained clients, and done a hundred other things in order to eat and keep a roof over my head. I’ve slaved in the Virginia heat and frozen outside in the Wyoming snow to make a buck…the money comes and goes.

My mission remains: to destroy illusion.

To the best of my ability, I will continue to destroy my own illusions and weaknesses and shortcomings. From there, I will do my best to help whoever can that honestly wants to better themselves, because I feel it is my responsibility to do so.

This is not because I ever wanted to be wealthy- during the inception of Operation Werewolf I lived in a cabin in the woods with no power or running water, by choice. I worked a job, and I had some money, but it was a less than important factor. The trappings were not then, and are still not a driving force in my life. I maintain a pretty simple existence, and my financial requirements are pretty small.

It is also not driven by the desire to be some kind of a “guru.” Many days I am as lost as anyone, and struggle with the same shit: stress, depression, anxiety, uncertainty for the future, on and on, ad nauseum.

It is because I am attached to the idea that this world, at this time in which we live, is progressing further into self destructive insanity, self worship, willful ignorance, conditioned opinion that has been carefully weighed and packaged and sold like a drug; and deeper into a thousand thousand distractions that grow in addictiveness and complexity each year.

I believe that all of this is negative, and that it can only be combated via what I see as the only virtues that truly matter: Strength, Honesty, Loyalty.

Because of this, I believe that anyone who can see, even slightly, through that Illusion, are bound by a responsibility to aid others who can see or wish to see through as well.

It is possible that I am just some kind of romantic, and maybe my ideas no longer have a place in this world, and perhaps nothing that I do or say or accomplish will change this world for the better or the worse.

But I choose to believe that what I do matters.

I choose to believe that I, and you, are caught up in a struggle greater than ourselves, and that struggle is one of TRUTH against FALSEHOOD and against those who spin the illusions, those for whom our awakening is undesirable.

Operation Werewolf is a threat.

It spreads ideas rapidly, information and inspiration quickly leaping like electrical arcs from one to the next, but there are no commandments. Merely a loosely affiliated worldwide phenomenon of individuals who have decided they are unsatisfied with the illusion, and have chosen to remake themselves and their world in their own way.

It is those brave ones, those rare and blazing fires in this great darkness that I am seeking out as allies, as friends.

Together, we may yet combat and defeat those who would extinguish our flames. We may yet see clearly that which exists on the far side of the obstructing veil. We may see what we are capable of becoming, and set out to become it.

Under the dread black flag, proudly emblazoned with the Totenwolf, this Operation marches ever onwards.