I’ll See You Out There

I can’t tell you how much it drives me crazy when I talk to people and they say shit like “man, I wish I didn’t have to go in to work today.”

It drives me crazy when people say “I wish I could be like that.”
“I wish I had more time.”
“I wish I had more money.”

All these stupid things that people say, and all the answers and all the freedom in the world is right out there in front of them.

All you have to do to be who you want is to do what you want, all the time, with a clarity and focus that turns that into the way you make your money, fulfill your dreams, follow your passion.

If you don’t have the drive to make that happen, then I’m sorry friend. I don’t want to answer your email about how you’d like to be more fit, or more free, or how you envy the life I seem to live- I am too busy living it to hear your sob story. You don’t deserve my time, and you aren’t even doing anything to deserve your own time.

I get a hundred messages a day from people telling me they want to meet up. To do what? To talk about what? I am barely a human being anymore, I am a hot burning machine of ideas and movement, fire and frenzy, I am here to achieve and conquer and adventure and stay starving and love it.

Listen, if we meet, it will be because we had to. Life made it happen, yours and mine, they came together like a chemical compound and made some new kind of virus that they don’t even have a name for yet. It won’t be to sit quietly in a bar somewhere and exchange platitudes and information on how to hit a higher one rep max. It will be to plan a revolution, start a religion, overthrow principalities and powers and to throw rituals in the woods to some nameless god that lives in our veins that makes us how we are.

If you’re so caught up in your day to day that none of this makes any sense, I can’t make it work for you. There is no translator for these truths, you either recognize them, or we are not the same. If you do, then you are already chasing it down, a werewolf in the woods of existence, tearing out the throat of everything in sight that looks to hold you back, keep you normal, keep you chained into a cubicle or a student loan payment or your stupid fucking apartment.

I’ll give you the secret right here, right now. All I did was all I wanted to do. I quit my fucking job, I followed my wildly beating heart, and here I am. Doing it on my own terms. Not punching a clock.
Going from the weight room to the woods, from Jiu Jitsu studio to the Pacific ocean, writing my thoughts down on paper or on the screen, turning my passion for art and strength and living without “realistic expectations” into a steady stream of income and inspiration that allows me to continue doing it 24/7.

Don’t linger! Don’t rest! Don’t wait for it to happen, or you’ll wake up old and tired and dying somewhere you never wanted to be in the first place.

Don’t spend your time trying to be like them, these drones that live to work, breed, die. Live to live!

There is only one way to do this: decide what you want to do and take no prisoners. That has to be the only thing that you give a single fuck about from now on, until you’re doing it, and then you have to set your sights again- shut down all the bullshit, all the exterior noise, all the detractors, all the advice from half-insect people who are living a life of quiet desperation- shut it all down.

Breathe in the fire. Let if fill you all the way up to the brim, and reduce obstacles to ashes. Burn too hot to be captured. Never, ever stop. Never, ever give up. This is your life, and you only get this one short shot at being who and what you want to be.

You wanna meet up? Let’s do it.

I’ll see you somewhere out at the top of a mountain.
I’ll see you as I look on at some back alley brawl, with a busted nose and burning eyes.
I’ll see you in the basement of bookstores in strange cities that smell like opium and forbidden wisdom. I’ll catch you sometime at the edge of the firelight, while fifty men who exemplify the meaning of the word “wild” chant and change themselves, not caring what this tiny world thinks about them.

If you’re one of us,
I’ll see you out there.