Only Death is Guaranteed

Only Death is guaranteed.
Because of this, there is no need to live life carefully.
I always hear people say things like
“In another life, I’d have loved to do x or y.”
They sigh and utter,
“Maybe in a few years.”
“If I have enough time.”
Here’s the thing, friend-
You won’t.
There is never enough time to do whatever it is that you wanted later on.
There’s never another opportunity to do what needed to be done now.
Soon, the final grains will slip through the glass.
You will die in bed, hooked up to machines
Or in your sleep, and your children will be grateful. Unburdened.
Your regrets will not include the the nights you chose to stay up late around a fire.
The time you spent with friends and lovers, ecstatically chasing your dreams.
You won’t be thinking: “I’m glad I decided to go home early that night,”
“It’s a good thing I didn’t talk to that stranger, take that risk, throw that punch.”
Your regrets will be all those things you didn’t do.
All the I Love You’s you never said.
All the hours you bartered away for more money, only to have a half-full wallet and an empty heart.
Each and every time you said “no” to life and “yes” to servitude.
If you didn’t do it for the story, what the hell were you doing it for?
If there’s nothing to talk about at the end, how the hell will you be remembered?
Life is sweetest when Wild and Free-
For only Death is Guaranteed.