Why Train?

Artwork by Tatiana Marotta

Why do you train?
You train because you are better than them.
You are stronger than that pathetic compulsion to poison your body with laziness and excuses.
You are more evolved than the babbling, shit-talking insect swarm that stands outside the bar, exchanging useless words and validation for one another’s disgusting lifesyles like sexually transmitted disease.
You can rise above it all-
Cut through the weak part of yourself that craves to be LIKE them instead of SUPERIOR to them.
Because to not train makes you feeble. Unable to breathe. Unable to fight to the end of a single round, even if your life depended on it. Unable to fuck like a beast. Unable to run like a raging wolf.
Weak. Tired. A spineless maggot at the mercy of the world around him.
But you overcome this weakness, fully, cruelly shaping yourself into a legend.
For Strength. For Violence. For Sex and Death, those two prime motivators of the evolutionary process.
Grow, Train and Rise.  92.