That Which is Falling…

“Oh my brothers, am I then cruel? But I say: That which is falling should also be pushed! Everything of today, it is falling, it is decaying- who would support it? But I- want to push it too!”

I rarely take the time to explain my motives, or my personal inner beliefs. However, in light of recent events, I felt that perhaps the time had come to briefly describe my personal understanding of my place in the mythology of my people and tribe. This not exhaustive, and is necessarily basic in order to make it easily comprehended on a surface level.

I do so not out of a desire to apologize or justify, but rather so that people will not misunderstand my reasoning when they attack my brothers and friends for my own personal beliefs.

I believe, firstly, that our world is in the final stages of decay- I mean this word decay on every level that it can be meant. However, when I say final, I believe that time is cyclical, not linear- for lack of eloquence to explain this on a deeper level, I view time and space as interchangeable descriptions of the same principle that cannot be easily understood through one or the other, but must be viewed through the lens of both. Because of this, I believe that all decay gives way to new growth, that what we see in nature exists everywhere, in all things, throughout our conception of Cosmos. Because that which is above is like unto that which is below, our understanding of greater things can be informed in a sort of poetic type of science by our understanding of the smaller things in this reality.

My relationship to mythology is a type of this poetic understanding of universal TRUTHS, not FACTS. My perception of ideas like “gods” and “creation” and so forth, the stories of cosmogony and the peopling of the heavens with characters who typify specific ideals and archetypes, is poetic. I do not BELIEVE in the existence of actual intelligent beings who shape my destiny or pay attention to my brief flickering time here in this reality. However, I do believe that these “beings” are small pieces of a greater puzzle, brief glimpses, shattered pieces of the mind of that All-thing which we call the Cosmos.

Thor, Odin, Fenris, Jormungandr. All elements on a periodic table of spirit, not matter. Small and large clues to the fabric of the universe. Some emulatable archetypes, others massive ideas, “jotunns” of primal concept that the human mind has struggled to break into manageable pieces since we crawled out of the blind chaos of the yawning gap

My utter distaste and disgust for spiritual and religious literalists knows no bounds. Just because your perception of these “godforms” and concepts is childlike, simple, literal, and requires moral black and whites, good and evil, winners and losers, saviors and devils, does not mean that I am bound by similar chains of ignorance.

I ally myself in this age with concepts of ruinous might, chaos and destruction. I do so because the time for “gods” is over/must come again. Those ideas that sweep clean the world, and create space/time in which new/old ideas may once again thrive. I do not cling to concepts of preservation, or protection, because that time/space is not now. But it will be again. This thing must be seen to its end. It must be ridden down into the depths, from whence it can rise again, after the fire of Surtr has burned all things away.

“This is the wind age, the wolf age, and doom is never far off. This is the sword age, the axe age, and many have fallen away. Oaths are forgotten with ease and hearts tremble with fear and despair- few are brave and fewer are wise. But we are bound to these Oaths, and strong of heart.”